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Are You a Plodder?

A faithful person is a plodder.  A plodder keeps moving each day, driven by the Word of God and the personal integrity in their heart.  We are told we will reap in due season if we don’t faint.  A plodder is one who will not faint.  He never has and never will give up.

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Abraham, Jacob, and You

Do you remember the children’s story of King Midas and how everything he touched turned to gold? According to Psalm 1:3, a believer has something in common with Midas because, “… everything he puts his hand to shall prosper.” Unfortunately for Midas, he learned too late that there are many things more necessary than gold. While a believer may prosper, he has the wisdom gained by renewing his mind with the Word to make Jesus and not riches the most important thing in his life.


The Fisherman and the Net

When Jesus returns to the earth to set up His kingdom, we know He will bring back the Church and meet up with the redeemed of Israel and the saved of all nations. But what about the sinners who have rejected Him during that time? What will He do with them? How will He handle them?

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