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Faith and Patience Bundle

Faith and Patience Bundle.jpg
Faith and Patience Bundle.jpg

Faith and Patience Bundle

35.00 64.00

Outlasting Trials

In this series you will learn how to walk victoriously through the trials of this life by applying the Word of God.

Message Titles:


Joy and Patience

How to Get Answers to Prayer

Riches and Trials

Outlasting the Trials

Our Worst Enemy

6 CDs

What's the Hold Up?

Some thing take time. There’s no way around it. Planting comes first, then the harvest. But between the time the seed is planted and the crop comes to full maturity is WAITING.

What you do during the waiting can either bring frustration and discouragement or contentment and peace. You can focus on the problem or apply faith tot the pressure of your circumstance. The choice is yours!

What’s the Hold Up will give you the equipment you need to persevere and a deeper understanding about why waiting can be good.

Message Titles:

The Best Is Yet to Come

How to Avoid a Sick Heart

Some Things Take Time

3 CDs

Let God's Will Find You

Not knowing God’s will for your life can leave you in a wilderness of confusion.  How do you know when you have found His will? Or when it seems you have found it, is this really God’s will or just your personal desire? In this book Bob Yandian answers these questions and more.

41 Pages

Faith's Destination

Faith has been the subject of many books written over the centuries. Most Christians feel they have a firm grasp and understanding of the topic, yet many are not seeing results in their walk of faith.

What is the purpose of faith?
What are the hindrances to faith?
How do we develop strong faith?
Does faith stand alone?
Most importantly, what is God’s ultimate destination for our faith?

In Faith’s Destination, Bob Yandian explores the subject of faith in a way that will expand your understanding of this well-known topic and cause you to be encouraged as you press toward the final destination of your faith.

86 Pages

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