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Creation (CDs)


Creation (CDs)

36.00 48.00

Even though the Theory of Evolution has been a widely accepted belief for decades, it is beginning to crumble under scientific advancements and the challenge of Intelligent Design. Although the topic of the origin of life is hotly debated today, the truth can be found in the opening chapters of Genesis. What happened between Genesis 1:1 and Genesis 1:2–”In the beginning God created…”and”…the earth was without form, and void”? This fascinating, insightful, and detailed teaching by Bob Yandian will inspire your imagination and solidify the foundations of your Christian beliefs concerning the origins of life.

Sermon Titles:

Evolution: A Theory In Trouble

What Is Intelligent Design?

Alive, Dead, Alive Again

Night And Day


The Sun and Moon

Fish and Birds

Why Man?

8 CDs

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