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Homosexuality: God's Answer (CDs)


Homosexuality: God's Answer (CDs)


Homosexuality – Politicians heatedly debate about homosexual “rights,” Hollywood portrays homosexuality as an acceptable lifestyle, but what does God have to say about it?  God is the author of marriage, He is the author of sexuality, and He is the author of how we live day to day.  We must choose to allow Him to be Lord of our lives in every area, even if it is contrary to contemporary viewpoints.  God has called us to live in the world and help bring change to the world.  We serve a delivering, saving, faithful God who loves the sinner, but hates sin.  With God’s delivering power, there are no depths of sin man can enter that is too difficult for God!  He offers love, forgiveness, and freedom from the bonds of our past and makes them available to anyone who will simply ask.

Sermon Titles:

What Do We Tell Our Children?

Forgiveness and Freedom

2 CDs

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