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Travel Blog

Would you like to help train up a new generation of ministers who are filled with the Spirit of God and the wisdom of His word? Consider becoming a partner with Pastor Bob to send him out to teach and train up a new generation!

Bob Yandian's Travel Blog

May 24 - 2017 - Agape Christian Center - Belton, TX

John and Karen Pelizzari pastors in Belton, TX. Pastor John has listen to, read and preached from my material for over 30 years. His people love the word and were easy to teach to. 

May 20 - 2017 - Charis Bible College - Oklahoma City, OK

Pastor Bob spoke at the graduation ceremony for Charis Bible College - Oklahoma City

Pastor Bob spoke at the graduation ceremony for Charis Bible College - Oklahoma City

May 1 - 2017 - Victory Christian Center of San Angelo, TX

Pastors Jerry and Linda Roach - San Angelo, TX

Pastors Jerry and Linda Roach - San Angelo, TX

At this meeting I taught on the difference between the new birth and daily fellowship with God, confession of Jesus as Lord for salvation and confession of sin for the Christian. We had one lady from the congregation filled with the Holy Spirit, a number of sick healed and many who benefited from the word, telling me they understood the importance of confession of sins like they never had.

April 24-27 - 2017 - International Convention of Faith Ministers - Branson, MO

Group 1 - Licensed Ministers

Group 1 - Licensed Ministers

Group 2 - Ordained Ministers

Group 2 - Ordained Ministers

The first picture is the new group of ministers we licensed. Their ministries include helps in local churches, youth, music, hospital and prison ministries. They are all on their way to becoming full time ministers, which means one day they can join the second group of ministers, those being ordained. 

The second picture is those who were being ordained. They are pastors, evangelists, missions, and anyone else whose full income comes from the ministry. This is one of the largest groups I have had the privilege of ordaining at an ICFM meeting. 

April 7-9, 2017 - The Seed Church - Savannah, GA

Pastors Lisa and Kempie Womble - The Seed Church - Savannah, GA

Pastors Lisa and Kempie Womble - The Seed Church - Savannah, GA

One man was saved and two women were filled with the Holy Spirit. During the Saturday night meeting a women felt prompted to pray for her daughter at home because she was attempting suicide. The mother called her daughter after church. The girl asked her mother how she knew she was attempting suicide. She said the Lord warned her and she prayed. The girl told her mother the desire to commit suicide was strong but it lifted quickly. The mother told her it was at the time she prayed that it lifted.

April 2, 2017 - Vision Church - Lockhart, TX

This past weekend, I spoke at Vision Church, a predominantly Spanish speaking church in Lockhart, TX. The pastor’s name is Jesus Lujan. I told him, "it is good to be at a church where Jesus is the pastor." The pastor and his staff members have attended my minister’s conference and Andrew Wommack’s as well.  It rained hard during the Sunday morning service, but we still had a good turnout. Some Charis Bible College students came from surrounding cities, one couple came from Dallas. At the end of the service we had two filled with the Holy Spirit and those who attended were blessed by the Word of God. I taught on how any Christian can operate in God’s supernatural power of healing and miracles, not just those in the full-time pulpit ministry. If you are ever near Austin, TX, visit Lockhart and Vision Church. Pastor Lujan would be greatly blessed.

August 17, 2016 - Ministry Update

Fall is coming and I am back into the busiest time of my traveling ministry. Bob Yandian Ministries has had a very prosperous year and seen many come to the Lord and healed in the eight monthsof 2016. I am emphasizing the healing ministry of Jesus in both our bodies and hearts and having confidence restored in God's plan for the future of a person's life.  I am so enjoying this phase of my life as I minister to Bible School students, ministers conferences and churches. More and more mail is being sent with thanks for opening the word of God and helping young ministers to find the call of God. All of this is made possible to me by the faithfulness of God and the faithfulness of you, my partners to hold my hands up.  I thank God for you everyday for believing in me and the ministry He has entrusted me with.

I have written three new books this year on the book of Romans, the life of Joseph and how to find the will of God for your life. You can find these on my website. I know they will be a blessing to you or friends who need stability in their life or an understanding of God's call.

The Fall Conference is coming next month, September 20th, at Grace Church in Tulsa. Geof Jackson, Robb Yandian and I will be ministering on the subject of the balance of Grace, Faith and the necessity of good works in the Christian life. This misunderstood subject will be well taught and you should leave with a firmer foundation of understanding of God's plan for your ministry and the Church. I want you to pray about attending and bringing friends, church staff members and business associates. Go to for all the information.

I need your continued prayers and faithful support, no matter how large or small you might think that support is. Every member of my partner team is needed.  You will never know until you get to heaven, how many people received Jesus, were filled with the Holy Spirit, healed or found God's will for their life through your support and prayers. In heaven I will be able to thank you face to face.

January 4, 2016 - Ministry Update

A new year has arrived and we are still here despite many who predicted the coming of Jesus.  The good news is, He may still come in 2016.  If He doesn’t, He still has great plans for this year and we are going to join Him in celebration of the Christian life. The world of politics may not look good for Washington or any world capital, but things look good in heaven and In the Church.  One day, the kingdoms of this world will become the kingdoms of our God and of His Christ and He will reign forever.  So, look up because your redemption is closer than ever.

In the world of Bob Yandian Ministries, our minister’s section of the website will open before the end of this month, January. It has been a long time in preparation, but it will be worth it all when you see the amount of information available for your spiritual library. Webinars, seminars and new books and materials are all on the horizon for this year. I appreciate all your prayers, attendance at meetings and financial support you have given.  You have helped to make this ministry a great success. And now, 2016 looks greater than ever.

November 17, 2015 - Ministry Update

2015 has been a tremendous year for Bob Yandian Ministries.  The meetings have been wonderful and the new acquaintances have been a real blessing to me.  The mailing list has grown by great numbers and the number of new partners has never been greater.  With all that, I really look forward to 2016.  December marks the last month you can give toward the new Ministers Club of which many have contributed and made it a powerful new resource to ministers everywhere.  The club will open soon, after the first of the year.  More information will be forthcoming.  With all that I have just told you, all I can say is, “To God be the glory”.  Thank you for your faithful partnership to help raise up a new generation of ministers.

November 8, 2015 - Abundant Life Christian Center - East Syracuse, NY

Abundant LIfe Christian Center - East Syracuse, NY

Abundant LIfe Christian Center - East Syracuse, NY

Sunday morning in Syracuse New York saw many come to the Lord for salvation. This is the third service which had the largest number of converts. The subject I presented was healing and all three services had people come forward to receive Jesus.  At the end of each service many held up their hands who had experienced immediate healing manifestations. One lady in the second service was healed of blindness and left the service seeing. She stopped pastor John Carter to tell him of her healing as she cried and rejoiced at the same time. To all my partners, thank you for helping this service to come to pass.

October 25, 2015 - UK Update

I have been in the United Kingdom for ten days surrounding Andrew Wommack's Ministers Conference in Walsall, England.  I began in Slough for two days, speaking to the staff and congregation of Living Word International, pastor Sesan Emmanuel-Aina. I spoke on healing to the church and many gave testimonies of instant healing of backs, shoulders, breathing and heart pains.  Many said they had never heard healing presented in such a simple way. 

The ministers conference was next and the teaching of Andrew was so solid. He spoke on the new wave of churches and ministers teaching there is no hell because everyone is saved.  In other words, there is a strong rise in the teaching of universalism.  He emphasized the importance of receiving Jesus and the ultimate place of residence for those who do not receive Him, hell and the lake of fire. It was a sobering teaching and much needed.

I ministered on the need for discipleship in the churches today and it was wonderfully and enthusiastically received. I have ended up the time in England at the church of Kofi Banful, Praise Center.  I have spent four days here teaching the congregation and church staff on the importance of the local church.

While in London at Praise Centre, a man came four hours early for the evening meeting.  He was sitting all alone for hours in the auditorium.  When an usher asked if he could be helped, he said "no", he just wanted to make sure he had a seat for the evening service. After church, the man met me and was one of my former Rhema students from the mid 1970s. Twenty years ago, he turned from the Lord and ran from his call and his fellowship with the Lord.  Two months ago he asked the Lord to forgive him and came back into fellowship.  He found a church and then saw the ad that I was coming to London and came to the service to see me.  I had been his favorite teacher at Rhema and he had followed me for ten years before becoming carnal.  I welcomed him back into fellowship with the Lord and back into his rightful place in the family of God. A prodigal had come home.

It has been a wonderful trip but I am looking forward to going home to see Loretta. I enjoy getting away to minister, but I also enjoy coming home.

July 11, 2015 - So. California Update

I just returned from a number of great meetings in southern California.  The first one was in Rancho Cucamonga at Abundant Living Family Church with pastor Diego Mesa. Although this was a midweek service, the attendance was large.  The end of a healing message saw a great percentage of the congregation stand up to receive God's power for their healingAfter that, Pastor Diego gave an altar call and twenty people came forward to receive Jesus, come back into fellowship with God or be filled with the Holy Spirit.

May 19, 2015 - Two Year Update

Good News Church - Moscow

Good News Church - Moscow

It’s hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that I stepped down from pastor of Grace Church TWO YEARS AGO.  My faith was high that God would provide, but I still had fears.  My fears were quickly done away with as open doors came quickly for speaking and supporters and partners seemed to come out of the woodwork.  I am truly blessed. Your faithful prayers and support have helped meminister to students, ministers and churches across the country and in six foreign countries.  By the time you receive this letter I will be speaking to the church and staff of Good News Church in Moscow with Rick Renner. The blessings are not over.  More is on the way as the vision increases for more young ministers to hear.  Most blessings do not come to us directly from God, but from Him through people.  You are the channel God has used to bless me and I give both thanks, God and you. 


May 28, 2014 - Canada Update

I just returned from a thee day trip to Montreal Canada.  I am glad they had interpreters, I do not speak French.  I had four meetings and it was wonderful.  I really feel Montreal and Quebec are on the edge of revival.  My first two nights were with ministers and congregational members from many churches and they were hungry for the word of God.  We had a great healing meeting my last night with them and the word proved to all present that healing is of every disease for every person. 

Sunday morning I spoke at a French African church, Christ In Action.  The pastor is Fofy Ndelo. I felt the Spirit of God from the moment the praise and worship started and it was a very easy atmosphere to teach in.  This church had five branch congregations who received the message while I was ministering.  The pastor and I hit it off immediately and I felt a real connection with him.  His vision is for two more churches immediately in Quebec City and I will be returning to host a minister’s conference with him.  In the first service, twelve people came forward to receive Jesus and be filled with the Holy Spirit.  What a great return on the seed sown.

Thanks again for your continued prayers and faithful giving.  I have said it before, but I could not do it without you. You are the team which helps me get the job accomplished.

April 15, 2014 - One Year Update

June 1 is the one year anniversary date of my transition from pastor to traveling teacher.  I left the pulpit of Grace Church after thirty three years and went into a full-time traveling and teaching ministry.  Bob Yandian Ministries has experienced new growth and new blessings.  The power of the Holy Spirit has TRULY been a blessing on my life and on those who have heard the word.  I know I am in the middle of God’s will.

But, I have not accomplished this alone.  It has been a team effort and you are the team. Your prayers, giving and testimonies have been the strength for me to reach out.  I have watched the increase in our mailing list, partners in prayer and financial support rise over the last year and it has helped me to help train up a new generation of ministers. Just as Jesus had his group of supporters, so do I. Jesus taught and healed in cities and villages. I too have seen His power in large and small towns, schools and churches. The places may be different, but the power of God and His Word remain the same. That is the main core of my messages to church members and young men and women studying for the ministry. Testimonies of miracles and healings are increasing as well as revelation from the Word of God.

Students in preparation for ministry have been instructed in the importance of teaching the word and the power of the Holy Spirit.  I have taught ministers, church members and students in England, Canada, New Zealand and across the United States.  Bible School students in Colorado Springs, Raleigh, Chicago and Jacksonville have been blessed by the teaching of the word and there is more to come. I have heard from those who have attended how they were blessed and received revelation of things they had never seen in the word.

I can never thank you enough for your demonstration of love for God, His word and my ministry.  You have the same burden in your heart for the spreading of the word and are helping me to carry the message. 

If you have not joined me as a partner, I would consider it a blessing and honor to join hands with you for the changing of lives. Before Jesus returns for us, don’t forget that the best is still yet to come. 2014 is only the next step to greater glory.

March 18, 2014 - Ministry Update

In the past few weeks, there have been a number of great testimonies coming from the teaching of the word. One of them is the increase in healings. In Boulder, Colorado only two weeks ago, I was asked to hold a healing meeting on Saturday night before the Sunday morning services. At the end of the service, I prayed for the sick and asked for testimonies to be given that night and the next morning of the manifestations which had taken place.  A few told of headaches and one of pink eye that had been present for weeks. For the first time in quite awhile, a young girl woke up without having to pull her eyelids apart.  The mass present each morning was gone.  I then went on my way to my other meetings.

At Charis Bible College, I received a text from the pastor in Boulder telling me of a teenage girl who had been deaf since birth. She had attended the church for years and never had spoken a word. Toward the end of the healing service, she said, "hallelujah" to her mother.  Then she said, "It sure is loud in here".  The mother was so shocked.  After church the young girl spoke to members of the church.  I don't know why the mother took so long to give the report, but I sure shouted and thanked God for His goodness.

January 29, 2014 - Travel Update

I have just returned from south Florida. I spoke at a relatively new church (3 years old) in Lake City of 120 people and at Charis Bible College in Jacksonville.  Both meetings were outstanding and the congregation and students loved the word.  I had it in my heart to speak on marriage. It happened that one of the church leaders was in the process of repairing his marriage.  The people thought I knew ahead of time, yet I did not.  They thought I was a prophet.  God is so good to speak ahead of time and show things to come.

I am headed to the Northwest, Tacoma, WA to speak for three days, one coast to the other.  Thank you all for your prayers and continual spiritual and financial support.  I could not do it without God or you.

January 8, 2014 - Ministry Update

Charis Bible College - Woodland Park, CO

Charis Bible College - Woodland Park, CO

From the highway coming to Andrew Wommack's new property, you can see the top of the auditorium.  The plans are to put a lighted cross there for everyone to see as they come up the main highway through Woodland Park, CO.  Once you enter the property, you can see the result of God's leading and faith in Andrew's life.  The beautiful piece of property has now increased in beauty as 650 students are attending morning chapel in the new auditorium and classes are beginning. 

I had the privilege of attending the first service/dedication Monday morning and sensing the excitement in the students.  This is their new home, the first building Andrew has owned that he had built.  This phase is totally paid for and the next will be the same as a larger auditorium will be built for conferences and seminars. 

We are to give people the credit for their walk with God, but when it is all over, God gets the glory for all He has done in our lives and now in Andrew's ministry.  His partners made it all possible.  I thank you, my partners for making my ministry possible also.

I will be here for the remainder of this week to teach on the subject of Revival.  Keep me in your prayers.

December 9, 2013 - Travel Update

I have had a chance to sit with two pastors who a number of years ago put numbers of attendees in the church above the power and presence of the Holy Spirit.  Planning over each part of the service for appeal and length of time, type of coffee in the lobby, appearance of the platform, multiple uses of video and props. Those things were put at the top of the list while anointing and presence of God was placed at the bottom or not on the list at all. 

I wondered why I was invited to speak at these churches at all.  They told me in confidence that their plans were not working.  They wanted to return to God's presence and the truth of God's word.  I was freely allowed to give an invitation for people to receive the Holy Spirit, receive their healing and minister on the Holy Spirit during the main services. The people gladly received the teaching and staff members were pleased also.

Jesus is building His church, not people with their own plans and ideas.  The gates of Hell have seemingly prevailed against the Church of Jesus in our own country, but those days are coming to an end.  I have felt that revival was on the horizon for churches in America, and now I am more sure of it each day.  What is true for these two churches has to be true across the nation. 

Thank all of you for standing with me in prayer and giving partnership.  You are a blessing to me and the kingdom of God. 

November 8, 2013 - Travel Update

Charis Bible College - Woodland Park, CO

Charis Bible College - Woodland Park, CO

Last week was a great week in Rancho Cucamonga, CA.  The pastor is Deigo Mesa and I had the great opportunity to minister at his church, Abundant Living Faith Church for four services.  The spiritual atmosphere was great and the reception of the people was wonderful.  The church runs over 4000 and they love the word. They have good praise and worship and the presence of the Holy Spirit.  California prides itself on being progressive and it provides the churches an opportunity to use their faith against the works of Satan and the world.  The church is standing against the newest move pushed by the homosexual agenda.  Young people in high school will be given a choice at a certain age to decide their sexual orientation.  If a young boy decides he is really a female, he will be allowed into the girls restroom.  The parents are outraged and the church is calling on the power of God and using their authority over evil.  I have joined them in prayer and would like you, my partners, to join them also. 

I have gone from sunny Southern California to Colorado Springs and Andrew Wommacks Bible School to teach their students.  It is a wonderful year and they are only a few weeks from moving into their new facility in Woodland Park.  God has truly blessed Andrew and his ministry.

October 31, 2013 - Travel Update

During the past three weeks, Loretta and I have accompanied and ministered with Andrew Wommack in the United States and England.  Both meetings were the best I have ever attended with Andrew in this country or overseas.  The presence of God during the teaching and times of ministry were powerful.  So many were healed one evening in England, we could not keep track of all the testimonies.  Andrew taught on the difference between the Old and New Covenant and it was powerful.  I taught on the New Testament scriptural use of works in the Christian life as a means of displaying our faith in Jesus and winning the world to Him.  The meeting in England was held in the auditorium of Charis Bible College. It was filled with Bible School students and I am at home giving instruction to young men and women with a call to win the world and raise up disciples.

Loretta and I also ministered at two churches in London, one of which I have been to twice before.  The first time, about four years ago, the congregation filled about one third of the auditorium.  Two years ago, it was over half full.  This time the people filled the building and it was such a blessing to see excitement for Jesus in England.

Everyone, in both countries, knows the world is in trouble, but also knows the only hope is knowing Jesus.  What the world needs is revival.  I know I don’t have to tell you that, but it is always good to hear it again.  Before Jesus comes back physically, we need Him spiritually in a great outpouring.

September 23, 2013 - Travel Update

In my past few meetings I have held meetings with ministers who came out from other ministers I have known.  In other words, I have been blessed to meet with the second generation of my acquaintances.  In Franklin, NJ I held a meeting with pastor Tom Feola and his wife Dianne.  The church began with a few, has grown and today is a thriving church ministering the word in northern New Jersey.  Tom came out from under my friend and fellow pastor Dave Demola from Faith Fellowship in Sayreville, NJ.  He continues to preach the word and see people set free.  I had a great time at their 20th anniversary and ministered for four days on end time world events. We saw people come to Jesus, come back into fellowship and also be filled with the Holy Spirit. There was also many who received healing instantly and throughout the next day.  I spent Thursday night at pastor Dave Demola's church and we again saw many blessed by the word of God.

I am in Brooklyn, MI this week at pastor Dan and Linda Shultz who attended Grace Church and the ministry school.  I spoke at two morning services on God's grace in salvation.  What a blessing to be at this church and what a blessing to meet the people who love their pastor and his wife.  I am proud to have had them come through our church and be a part of the spreading of the gospel of Jesus Christ and the word of God. They are like seeing your children grow up and become great Christians and citizens.

September 9, 2013

Last night I spoke at Church On The Rock in St. Louis, Mo.   The pastor is David Blunt whom I have known for years. We share a love for classic American muscle cars.  I spoke in his church in the late 80's and he has certainly come a long way since, in buildings and attendance. David and his wife attended the satellite school of Bob Tilton where they heard my teaching and the teaching of others, and began their ministry.  Last night, at a midweek service, we had thirteen young people born again in the altar call. What a blessing to see new members to the family of God and the body of Christ.

After Loretta and I are finished attending Joyce Meyer's women's conference here in St. Louis, I am headed to the East Coast for meetings in New Jersey.  Hunger for the word of God is great in the churches where I have been ministering and more churches are coming up. Please look at my schedule on my website and if you are near one of the locations, please come and introduce yourself.  I would love to meet you, my partners.

September 4, 2013 - Travel Update

I have had the privilege in the past few weeks to visit rural America and minister to the saints of God.  I have also been to large cities and large churches to speak to young and alike.  Many have been born again and filled with the Holy Spirit.  I am blessed to see so many young people wanting a closer and more powerful walk with the Lord Jesus.  I have heard so many negative words about this generation and I am sure some of it is true.  But most of what I have seen in a group of youth wanting to know Jesus and His Word even more and teach others about the truths they have discovered.  It is the same in every generation. There are young people who want to run after the world, yet more who want to follow the Lord.  Like God told Elijah, “there are 7000 who have not bowed their knee”.  Many young people are seeking God in their lives and are yet unknown.  There is a young army about to overtake our country and the body of Christ with revival.  What a privilege to live and preach in this day.  There has never been a day like today. I know you agree because you are helping me to preach. 

July 25, 2013

July has been a busy month and much has been done to spread the word of God.  I can’t cover the whole world, but I can cover my world and you can cover yours.  The great commission is not directed to one person, but to all of us, “go ye”.

 I went to Allentown, PA to Lifechurch, Pastor Randy and Maribel Landis. They have multiple locations and I ministered at two of them, Saturday evening and Sunday morning.  I began a series that Pastor Landis will continue, through the month of July, on the end times. There was a great response to the message of the soon coming of Jesus and a great interest in the events which are happening in our own country and around the world. You don’t have to be a Christian to know something is wrong with our nation and the world.  But, thank God I am a Christian. I know you are thankful too.

The Independent Assemblies had their annual meeting in Norman, OK and invited me to speak three times to the crowd of over four hundred in the evening services.  It was like speaking to the choir to minister to those who still believe the gifts of the Spirit are for today and give invitations regularly to their congregations to be filled with the Holy Spirit as well as to receive Jesus. I believe, along with them, that the remnant of spirit filled believers can and will turn this nation around.  We are the seed for God’s revival in the United States.

July 11, 2013 - Travel Update

During the last week of June I had the great privilege to speak in Midland, Michigan at the Living Word Church pastored by Dr. Mark Barclay. I truly enjoyed teaching at one of the best churches I have been to in some time, having a great blend of the word and the presence of the Holy Spirit. The people were so easy to minister to, already being used to the teaching ministry of Pastor Barclay. The altar call was a great time of people sensing the leading of the Holy Spirit to guide them through the difficult times that each one was going through. Proverbs tell us about the Lord’s will, “…all her paths are peace”.  No matter what problems the church members faced, or you might be facing, the path, the answer, is found in following the peace the Holy Spirit gives.

 The next Sunday I ministered in the panhandle of Oklahoma at Living Word Fellowship in Guymon. It is a part of the state I haven’t visited since I was a teenager.  There is a beauty to this part of the state, being so close to the borders of Texas, New Mexico and Colorado.  There was a beauty also in the service as people received the word of God and begin to discover God’s plan for bringing His will into their lives. The frustration of you trying to find God’s plan for any part of your life, can be replaced with knowing God’s plan will find you.

June 18, 2013 - Travel Update

In the month of June, I have been near and far from Tulsa. I began the month in Chouteau, OK to a church a friend of mine began over thirty years ago.  He and his wife still attend the church and run the ministry school, for which the graduation service was held that morning.  Graduates from the church in Chouteau and surrounding cities were sent out to give support in churches and spread the gospel around the world. My sermon that morning was to help the students find the will of God for their ministry.

The 9th through the 11th, I was in two churches in Birmingham, AL. My theme was the supernatural and divine healing. Many people came to the front, prayed in the Spirit, then became quiet and listened for the voice of the Holy Spirit to guide them in their present problems.  Reports came from many of them about hearing God give them simple words to calm them and prepare them for a supernatural change.  In the second church, I had prayer for the sick and many also gave reports of immediate healing, symptoms were gone.  One young man, a member of the praise team, had to leave the service because of an intense migraine headache.  The pain was so bad, he had to lay down in a side room.  He heard the music begin later and came out, despite the pain, to join the team for the closing of the service.  When he came out, the prayer line was coming to the front.  His wife told him to go and get prayed for.  He had never been in a prayer line and did not know exactly what to do.  Yet, he came and was prayed for. His splitting head pain stopped immediately.  He went home that night and slept without pain.  He came back the next night and gave a praise report to the people.  God still does miracles.  Thank you for your prayer support.

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