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TV Project

Exciting news! Bob Yandian is beginning a TV program!

To make a one time or monthly recurring donation for our TV Project please click the Donate button.

From the Desk of Bob Yandian
Dear Faithful Partners and Supporters of Bob Yandian Ministries,

Have you ever had a good problem in your life? At one time, my congregation grew faster than our small staff and group of volunteers could handle. Our church building was inadequate and we needed to find a larger one. Most pastors I spoke to said they would love to have those problems. So, you can see what a good problem is. I faced a good problem before I became a pastor when I taught at Rhema Bible Training Center. I was teaching the same subjects over and over every year. I strongly desired a place to share my new teaching series. God later opened the door to pastor and that problem was solved.

I am now facing the same good problem. I have learned so much more from God’s word since I transitioned from pastoring four years ago, but I have no place to share it. I am teaching the same subjects at ministers’ conferences and Bible schools. I only minister a specific number of sermons at the churches I visit. A few months ago, I began to sense a frustration with my present situation and knew another door would open to share the added material.

A New Door
A few weeks ago, Andrew Wommack contacted me about his new vision. He is beginning an internet television network. He has asked me to join him and begin my own broadcast. The stirring I had in my heart was answered. I am really excited to share new insights with a general Christian audience while also setting aside times to share with fellow ministers and pastors. My vision to “train up a new generation” has been enhanced. Although I will still travel and teach, I can spend more time at home with Loretta and produce television broadcasts which will be seen around the country and the world.

I Need You
To begin, we need to build a set and purchase quality video, audio, editing, and lighting equipment. The initial cost will be $20,000. We will also have ongoing cost for captioning and additional equipment as the need arises. You have been faithful to give toward other projects, I am now asking you to be faithful to God’s leading about giving toward my entrance into television. Next to God, you are the greatest reason for my success.

In fact, I do not want you to give because of a certain amount I present, I want you to give because you can hear from the Holy Spirit. Three things are sure. First, you are God’s sheep. Second, you can hear His voice. And third, you will not follow a stranger. If you ask for guidance, Satan cannot interfere. If you ask for a fish, you will not receive a serpent.

I simply ask you to take a few moments to pray and ask the Holy Spirit what He wants you to give to this project. Then, be quiet and listen to your heart. He will answer you quickly. I thank you now for being obedient. I know the need will be more than met. We both will share in the changed lives of believers and ministers who tune in. I will let you know soon about specifics of the broadcast and time the programs will air. 

Yours in Jesus Christ,

Bob Yandian

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