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8 Eternal Foundations Video Curriculum


8 Eternal Foundations Video Curriculum


Have Pastor Bob minister to your church our home group with this new video curriculum!

Basic doctrines are not difficult, but easy to understand.  They often come disguised as complicated or deep sounding words, but the definitions are simple. In this important series Bob Yandian breaks down eight foundational doctrines that will bring you strength and stability.

This curriculum contains 8 video lessons, printable review points and discussion question handouts, and a printable poster.  Each video lesson is approximately 20 minutes, perfect for group study and discussion.

1 - Redemption                                        2 - Justification
3 - Sanctification                                     4 - Reconciliation
5 - Predestination                                   6 - Propitiation
7 - Election                                              8 - Glorification

Available on DVD or high quality USB 3.0 Flash Drive

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