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Books authored by Pastor Bob Yandian

Let Your Light Shine (Presentation Binder)

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BK03 Let Your Light Shine.jpg

Let Your Light Shine (Presentation Binder)


The Sermon on the Mount is probably one of the most practical areas of teaching in the Word of God, because Jesus was instructing His disciples on how to live their lives in front of people.

I’m sure that as you were growing up, you heard a lot of things about the Beatitudes, which are the first part of the Sermon on the Mount, but you probably didn’t really know what they meant.  You knew they said, “Blessed are the meek,” so you stood around and tried to be meek.  You heard, but you didn’t learn.

The Sermon on the Mount is progressive.  It starts with a simple teaching in Matthew 5 recognizing and isolating sin.  Jesus talks about the sin of murder, then He takes up adultery, forswearing yourself, and then retaliation.  In chapter 6, He leaves the area of sin and gets into good things such as giving, prayer, and fasting.  He then deals with motives.  As we progress through chapters 5 and 6, we are approaching maturity.  When we get to chapter 7, He talks about one of the easiest sins to get into when you start to grow up – that is in the area of pride and judging others.

The study of the Sermon on the Mount is extremely interesting because it deals with real life.  It was valid and important for Jesus’ disciples then, and it is likewise valid and important for us today.

87 Pages / Presentation Binder (Printed on 8.5x11 paper and inserted into a binder)

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