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Summer Bible Study

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Join Bob Yandian in a study through the book of Acts this summer. Acts is the hub of all the following epistles of Paul, Peter, James and John. Each church in each city began in the book of Acts. Dedicate a portion of your day to study, pray, and meditate on the word of God. Not only will you increase in joy and enthusiasm, as you study you will begin to hunger for more of God’s word.

What you will need:

  • The book "A New Testament Commentary - Acts by Bob Yandian"
  • A Commitment to study the book daily, pray and meditate over it through the day and depend on the Holy Spirit to make it your own revelation.
  • The reading plan:
    • 6/25 - 7/8 - Acts 1-4 - Pages 13-63
    • 7/9 - 7/22 - Acts 5-9 - Pages 65-126
    • 7/23 - 8/5 - Acts 10-14 - Pages 127-184
    • 8/6 - 8/19 - Acts 15-18 - Pages 185-241
    • 8/20 - 9/2 - Acts 19-23 - Pages 243-296
    • 9/3 - 9/16 - Acts 24-28 - Pages 297 - 359
  • Check in for updates. At the end of each segment (two weeks) Pastor Bob will make a video and give an overview of the material as well as answer questions. The videos will be posted to this page, our Facebook page, and YouTube channel. Sign up for Summer Bible Study email updates below to get all of the updates sent to your inbox.
  • If you have a question about the text as you are studying email them to or use our webiste contact form.

Introduction to Summer Bible Study

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