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Books authored by Pastor Bob Yandian

What If the Best is Yet to Come? (Paperback)

BK33 What if the Best is Yet to Come.jpg
BK33 What if the Best is Yet to Come.jpg

What If the Best is Yet to Come? (Paperback)


The cover of this book is a picture of the sun just above the horizon. It is a sunrise or a sunset? Who knows? It all depends on what you want to make it, how you chose to view it. Is retirement the sunset of your life or a new day, a new sunrise? What if this is not a time to quit, only a time to slow down and work smarter, get more accomplished with less effort? When you were young, you had more physical strength and less knowledge. What if this is the time to put your increased knowledge to work and decrease the physical effort? Even a car, once it has reached cruising speed, works at its greatest efficiency and ease. Now that you have gotten up to speed it is not time to let off of the gas or coast. Keep your foot on the peddle, right where it is and take advantage of living smarter. The hardest work is behind you.

What if now is the time for you to affect more lives? Paul wrote most of his books from prison, seeing his “high calling” in the distance and entering it near the end of his life. Like a president of a corporation, or leader of a business, a “high calling” gets more accomplished with less effort.

If most people today die in their 80′s then life could be divided into quarters, 20,40,60,80. Who said life ends at three quarters? Each quarter should increase in blessing. Moses’ high calling began at 80. Caleb and Joshua took mountains at 85. Maybe, like Paul, you know a lot about God. Now it is time to know God. What if all of these years have been a preparation for a new level of influence? What if the best is yet to come?

113 Pages

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