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Fellowship with the Holy Spirit (CDs)


Fellowship with the Holy Spirit (CDs)


The Holy Spirit desires to guide us in our everyday lives. One of the primary reasons the Holy Spirit was sent is to guide us down the road of life and illuminate the path that lies before us. Just as the headlights of a car only show us so far down the road, the Holy Spirit usually does not reveal the entire path that is ahead for our lives. He typically shows us the near future rather than the distant future, otherwise, where would our trust in Him be? One of the greatest benefits of fellowship with the Holy Spirit is His assistance in prayer. There are times when we don’t know how to pray. There are other times when the specific will of God for our lives is not found in the pages of the Bible, but God will lead us by the Holy Spirit. This powerful series by Bob Yandian will teach you how essential fellowshipping with the Holy Spirit is to living a productive successful Christian life.

Sermon Titles

Divine Guidance
The Way to Better Prayer

2 CDs

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