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The Economy of the Tithe (CDs)


The Economy of the Tithe (CDs)


God’s economy is different than the world’s. I Timothy 6:17 says we are not to trust in uncertain riches but in the living God. God wants our faith and trust in Him, not in the world system around us. Prosperity is not wrong; the issue is where we put our trust. Often wealth is what drives people away from church. In this series, you will learn why it is better to live in God’s daily blessings than from one miracle to the next. You will also learn guidelines God has set in His Word for Giving. Finally, you will learn to enter into God’s blessings and understand the importance of growing in God’s favor so you can be used by God to bless others.

Sermon Titles:

God’s Plan and Man’s Plan
Put God to The Test
Why God Blesses The Tithe
Miracles and Blessings
The Seeds of Blessing
Let’s Be Obedient

6 CDs

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