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The Life of David (CDs)

CDBC13 The Life of David Part NEW.jpg
CDBC13 The Life of David Part NEW.jpg

The Life of David (CDs)


This series chronicles the major events of David’s life and reveals his passion for God through his encounters with Goliath, Saul, and the ark of the covenant. David’s response toward jealousy, disappointment, fear and repentance are also explored.

Lesson Titles:

For Such a Time as This
The Bigger They Are
The Power of Jealousy
Surrounded by Dogs
Conquering Jealousy
Sins of Desperation
Victory in the Cave
Betrayed and Saved
Good Friends, Bad Advice
Vengeance Belongs to the Lord
The Witch of Endor
Ziklag and Gilboa
A Time to be Patient
Faith Always has a Manifestation
Conquering Zion
In Everything by Prayer
Bringing in the Ark
The Davidic Covenant
A Grateful Heart

The God of War and Peace
When Your Good is Evil Spoken Of
Fullness of Joy
The Story of the Ewe Lamb
Getting Back on Track
Chastened and Still Alive
Saved from Yourself
Don’t Give Up
A New Beginning
David’s Lingering Illness
You Can’t Bury A Sin
David’s Final Inspiration
Death of David

32 CDs

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