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The World (4 CD's, 1 DVD)

CDBT38 The World.jpg
CDBT38 The World.jpg

The World (4 CD's, 1 DVD)


The Bible says that we are in the world, but not of the world, but what is God’s attitude toward the world? Should we pray for the world to change? As Christians, our job is not to save the world. Our job is to win souls. To transfer people out of the world, and into the church. In this 4-lesson series titled “The World,” Bob Yandian defines what the world system is, and what the role of the church is today. This series includes all 4 parts of the television broadcast on CD and DVD. 

Message Titles:

God's Attitude Toward the World

The Great Commission

How Do We Affect the World?

The World's Attitude Toward the Church

The World (DVD)

4 CD's / 1 DVD

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