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Understanding the End Times (CDs)


Understanding the End Times (CDs)

45.00 72.00

The study of end times is one of the most incredible doctrines in the Word of God that can bring peace and comfort in the day in which we live. The Bible says that we are to encourage and exhort one another with the teaching that Jesus is returning for His saints. This comprehensive and exciting series will give you a thorough understanding of end times events.

Sermon Titles:

The Seven Dispensations
The Dispensation of The Mystery
The Rapture of the Church Part 1
The Rapture of the Church Part 2
The Judgment Seat of Christ
Daniel’s Seventy Weeks Part 1
Daniel’s Seventy Weeks Part 2
The Temple Discourse (Matt 21-23)
The Olivet Discourse (Matt 24-25)
Seven Years of The Tribulation
The Second Coming of Jesus Christ
The Millennial Reign of the Lord Jesus Christ

12 CDs

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