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Flash Drives

Healing (Flash Drive)

USB04 Healing.jpg
USB04 Healing.jpg

Healing (Flash Drive)


Healing is one of the most controversial topics in Christendom, but  the Bible is clear, God desires for us to be well. In this series Bob Yandian makes Divine Healing simple to understand and receive.  Topics include stripes and strife, God's nature, forgiveness, Satan's devices, Paul's thorn, ways and methods of healing . This USB flash drive contains 27 MP3 audio lessons by Bob Yandian and 1 eBooks on the topic of Healing.

Series Titles: God's Nature is Healing, How Deep are the Stripes (eBook), Principles of Healing, Seven Levels of Healing, The Healing Lamb  

27 MP3’s, 1 eBook

Series: God’s Methods of Healing, Healing Revisited, The Healing Lamb, The Other Side of the Cross, How Deep are the strips? (eBook)

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