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This is a study of four characters in the book of Ruth: Elimelech, Naomi, Ruth, and Boaz. From Elimelech you will learn about lessons from a backslider. In Naomi you will see how a backslider is fully restored. Ruth will show us how God provides in our times of need, and from Boaz we will see how Jesus is our Kinsman Redeemer. Come and learn from each of these four characters as they speak to you about your walk with the Lord as well as showing you more about Jesus and what He has done for us.

Sermon Titles:

Elimelech: Lessons of a Backslider
Naomi: A Backslider Fully Restored
Ruth: A Stranger No More
Boaz: The Kinsman Redeemer

4 MP3s

A Closer Look at Baptism (MP3s)


A Closer Look at Baptism (MP3s)


Is water baptism necessary in the believer’s life? If so, why is it important according to the Word of God? How many baptisms are found in the Bible? How does the Greek language define “baptism”? What is the “real baptism”? In this interesting and informative series, believers will gain a thorough understanding of baptism based upon the Word of God.

Sermon Titles:

Why Baptism?
The Real Baptism

2 MP3s / MFD01

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