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Books authored by Pastor Bob Yandian

From Just Enough to Overflowing (Paperback)

BK15 From Just Enough.jpg
BK15 From Just Enough.jpg

From Just Enough to Overflowing (Paperback)


God did not create you to be a slave to the world’s economic system. He does not want you to live from paycheck to paycheck, just barely scraping by. He wants you to live in divine prosperity! God desires you to have more than you need so you can give to others to help meet their needs.

In “From Just Enough to Overflowing,” Pastor Bob Yandian shows you how to cross the barrier between having just enough and living in abundance. More than just another book on the importance of giving, this powerful book teaches life-changing principles that will help you break through the fears that may be hindering you from obeying God’s Word. By applying these principles, you will learn:

How to open the gate to prosperity
How to receive your exceeding great reward
How to bring life to your offerings
How to reverse the curse to bring God’s blessings
How to apply the laws of seedtime and harvest

Don’t settle for living from paycheck to paycheck any longer. Learn how to move from just enough to overflowing today!

119 pages

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