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Checkmate Armageddon (CDs)

CDET14 Checkmate Armageddon.jpg
CDET14 Checkmate Armageddon.jpg

Checkmate Armageddon (CDs)

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From the time Lucifer decided to become as God and take over the highest throne in the universe, a battle has raged between God and Satan. Mankind, like a pawn, was placed on the earth to settle the conflict. God can influence man, but not force his actions. Satan can also influence mankind, but not make him obey. At times, it seems God is winning the battle. At other times, it seems like Satan is winning. Today we see global economic crisis, catastrophic natural disasters and the threat of wars that could destroy our civilization. What will be the end of this war of good and evil?

The conflict of the ages will all come to an end at the battle of all battles, Armageddon. There is light at the end of the tunnel and it is good news for all who know Jesus as their Savior.

Sermon Titles:

Our Future is Secure

You Can Know the Times and Seasons

The Hub of All Bible Prophecy

Two More Comings

Christ and the Antichrist Part 1

Christ and the Antichrist Part 2

The Beast and His Kingdom

The Mother of All Battles

What is the Millennium?

9 CDs

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