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Gifts of the Spirit (CDs)

CDHS09 Gifts of the Spirit New.jpg
CDHS09 Gifts of the Spirit New.jpg

Gifts of the Spirit (CDs)

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The new birth is an inward work of the Holy Spirit, but when a believer is filled with the Holy Spirit, there is an outward display. Christians belong to two worlds—the natural world and the spiritual world. There are nine gifts of the Holy Spirit that begin in the spiritual realm but are manifested in the natural world to encourage, exhort, and bring comfort. Bob Yandian explores each of the nine manifestations of the Spirit in this comprehensive teaching.

Sermon Titles:

The Gifts and Callings of God
Word of Wisdom—Word of Knowledge
The Gifts Explained
Discerning of Spirit—Gift of Faith
Working of Miracles—Gifts of Healing
Utterance Gifts

6 CDs

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