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Understanding Your Emotions (CDs)


Understanding Your Emotions (CDs)


Within the soul is the area of our emotions.  Our emotions can be the greatest blessing in our lives or the greatest curse.  God’s creation has emotions.  We are told the angels rejoice every time a sinner is saved.  We know animals have emotions because they posses a soul.  And the Bible says that one day all the trees will clap their hands, the seas will rejoice, and even the rocks will cry out if man doesn’t praise Him!  Because we are made in God’s image and because God has emotions, so do we.  But because of the fall, many Christians have been controlled by their emotions rather than led by their renewed spirit.  As born again believers, we must learn which emotions to accept and which to reject.  In this essential series by Bob Yandian, you will learn to identify your
emotions, both positive and negative.  You will learn how to resist negative emotions by the power of the Holy Spirit.  You will also gain biblical
knowledge of how to rid yourself of the strong emotion of bitterness, with which so many struggle in their lives.  Finally, you will learn to enter into the rest of God.

5 CDs

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