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A Perfect Church

Christian Living

A Perfect Church

Bob Yandian

Acts 6

vs. 1 “And in those days, when the number of the disciples was multiplied, there arose a murmuring of the Grecians against the Hebrews…”

It’s Not On This Earth

A woman visiting our church one day told me she was searching for “the perfect church.”  In humor, I told her she would have to die to find it.  It is not on this earth, but in heaven.  The perfect congregation stands before the throne of God and the perfect pastor is Jesus Himself. Only heaven has a spotless music department, youth director, and children’s minister. On earth, a church may look good at the time you walk in, but the longer you stay, the more flaws you find.  That’s because God uses people, not angels.  Even Jesus’ disciples had problems, fighting among themselves, and they had the perfect Pastor every day.

Even the first church after Pentecost had problems.  By chapter six of Acts, racial problems erupted in the Jerusalem church. Because the church was mainly run by Jewish leaders, they tended to favor the Jewish widows in the handing out of daily food and finances. They did not realize this until it was brought up by the Greeks. Immediately the problem was examined and settled by the wise counsel of the church elders and the cooperation of the people.

Why Would God Call You To An Imperfect Church?

First of all, ask yourself a question; “why would a perfect church want YOU?”  Apparently they reached perfection without you And next of all, unless you are perfect, there is no place for you to serve.  God calls you to an imperfect church to add your gifts, talents, and callings to bring it a little more into perfection before Jesus comes back. And as long as a church sees people saved, filled with the Holy Spirit, and moving toward discipleship, they will always have imperfections in the people as well as the leadership.  There will always be room for your help. Like a beautiful painting, any church looks good from a distance.  The closer you look, the more brush strokes you find.  Until we get to heaven, we all have brush strokes.  They are called “spots and wrinkles”, which won’t be removed until the Judgment Seat of Christ.

What About Church Floaters?

Because many people do not like the churches they have attended, have not found the perfect church, or believe they do not have to go to one church, they become “church floaters.” In other words, they go to church when they want to, or when a special speaker they like is in town.  One man told me he was a gift to all churches.  There is only One who is a gift to all churches, His name is Jesus.

Although it is fine to visit other churches when special meetings are being held, it is important you find a church “home”. It would be terrible to spend the night at many homes and never have your own home to return to.  In Acts 4, after Peter and John were beaten and told never to preach again in the name of Jesus, they returned to “their own company”.  In other words, persecution drove them to church, not away from it.  It also drove them to a company of people they called their “own”.  It takes a mature believer to settle down in a church and call it home. Church floaters think they are mature, but are really spiritual babies, in it for what they can get out of it. In other words, church floaters are self-centered.

Finding a church is not necessarily discovering one you like for personal reasons, business opportunities, single men or women, or short services with a lot of excitement.  You do not go to the church of your choice, but of God’s. When your heart is open, you will recognize the right church when you walk in or hear the first notes of worship.  The right church is found by the direction of the Holy Spirit. It is as much of a place for you to give into the lives of others as it is a place to receive for yourself.

Encourage Others

Paul told the Hebrew saints to stay faithful to church and encourage others to do the same, especially as the day of the rapture gets closer.  The verse speaks even louder to us today, only moments away from Jesus’ return for His Church.

Not neglecting to meet together, as is the habit of some, but encouraging one another, and all the more as you see the Day drawing near. (Hebrews 10:25 ESV)

Bob Yandian

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